Key Benefits & Limitations

Contact cleaning is the preferred defect elimination technique when wanting to remove dry unattached particles from flat surfaces.

Best for removing dry unattached contamination

Contact Cleaning is a highly efficient technology suitable for removing a wide range of different particle types and sizes. Most effective for particles ranging from 5mm down to tiny sub micron sizes, it can remove both metallic and non metallic particles including process derived contamination. 

Effective for metal foils, films, laminates and circuit boards

Highly effective for most materials, it is used to effectively and reliably clean metal foils, laminates, films, circuit boards and other high value materials in advanced manufacturing processes.

Both sheets of materials and large roll to roll materials are well suited to contamination removal using this technique. 

Products Boardandsheetcleaners
Products Boardandsheetcleaners
Non Woven Fabric Companies Malaysia12
Non Woven Fabric Companies Malaysia12

Less effective for high-volume contaminants

Applications which use materials which tend to shed high volumes of particles, for example clay coated card, fibreboard, non wovens are more suited to techniques such as high velocity vacuum systems which remove larger particles, or a hybrid system which combines a gross particle remove system with contact cleaning.

The unrivalled cleaning performance of our IP protected elastomer rollers is the result of three key components:

1) Specialist, secret formulations

2) In-house compounding facilities 

3) Optimised production processes 

honed and perfected in the context of more than three decades of in-depth application experience.

Holy Trilogy Cleaning Roller Performance
Holy Trilogy Cleaning Roller Performance