Board & Sheet Cleaners

Our board and sheet cleaning machines are designed to help customers in high-end manufacturing achieve "Defect-Free Production". Combining industry-leading contact cleaning technology with decades of sector experience our contamination removal solutions deliver for the worlds leading Tier 1 producers.

Teknek Board & Sheet Machine Cleaning System

Teknek Board and Sheet Cleaning Machines provide industry-leading cleaning solutions for contamination challenges across a wide range of applications. From surface mount technology [SMT] to printed circuit board [PCB] production, HDI, IC Substrate and functional films our IP protected cleaning core of engineered elastomers (aka "tacky rollers") and adhesive rolls are trusted by globally leading producers. With over 35 years of experience, we are looking forward to help you find the right solution for defect-free production in your process.

Tek-BC-20 | Low Static SMT Board Cleaner

Discover the power of the Tek-BC-20, the next generation of “Low Static” board cleaners for the SMT industry. This ground-breaking product is the only board cleaner independently certified to ANSI ESD s20.20 and fully Industry 4.0 compatible.

Tek BC (1)
Tek BC (1)
CM81 Productlist
CM81 Productlist

CM81 Sheet Cleaners | Teknek

Get the most out of your sheet cleaning process with Teknek’s advanced CM81. From state-of-the-art surface modified elastomer rollers to fully customisable conveyor systems, this sheet cleaner is designed to reliably clean even the thinnest materials without wrapping.

SMT II Board Cleaners | Teknek

Teknek's SMT II board cleaners are the perfect solution for removing contamination in advanced electronics manufacture. This contact cleaner comes with IPC Hermes as standard, providing increased traceability and integration. Providing double side cleaning options you can take full advantage of our Low Static Cleaning and Precision Touch technology.

Smt2 Productlist
Smt2 Productlist
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