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Knowledge is Power

Led by our core values of knowledge, innovation and value we established the Teknek Academy over two decades ago. Initially designed to educate colleagues, partners and customers about our technological advantage and equip them with "first hand" experience of superior Teknek cleaning performance, the Teknek Academy has recently been extended to proactively help educate, inform and share best practice in the field of Contact Cleaning.

Defect-Free Production - White Papers

Due to popular demand we are now proactively sharing insights and best practice on the topic of "Defect-Free Production" in our series of Teknek Academy White Papers.

Authored by leading Industry Experts and Application Insiders, these new publications are designed to help customers learn about new and evolving challenges for producers looking to achieve "zero-defects".

They outline common problems and illustrate how our industry leading contamination removal solutions have been successfully deployed to deliver better yields, improve quality, protect performance, safeguard increasingly scarce resources and reduce risk of faults including "in-field" failures.

EV Battery Whitepaper Inner
EV Battery Whitepaper Inner
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Coming Soon - Half Day Seminars & Lunch & Learn Sessions

Interested to learn more about the Science of Cleaning and understand the fundamental principles and processes behind our industry leading Teknek Contact Cleaning Technology?

We are in the process of finalising a brand new series of customisable seminars and lunch & learn sessions.

To benefit from this new and exciting knowledge transfer program simply register your interest via the link below.

We look forward to meeting you soon!