At our Glasgow headquarters, you’ll find the only fully equipped in-house laboratory in the contact-cleaning business, a modern, lean production facility with an 800-sqm clean room and state-of-art elastomer compounding section.

Lean & sustainable manufacturing in Scotland

Our processes operate to International Quality Standards and we conduct the widest range of tests so you can have total confidence that our premium products lead the field and are made to last.

Premium quality products

Low waste production processes

Industry leading performance

MRP 230818 0016
MRP 230818 0016

Dedicated R&D Laboratories

Teknek invented the idea of zero contamination in manufacturing. That made us pioneers right from the start.

To stay that way, we have never stopped investing in our technology, our people and our facilities.

At our Glasgow based HQ we boast extensive R&D facilities including dry and wet laboratories and a dedicated elastomer compounding room.

Made in Scotland - UK

Lean manufacturing excellence is at the heart of our global success. We’ve invested over $1,000,000 into our production plant, $500,000 into our in-house laboratory and another $300,000 into tooling.

We back up this commitment to hardware with unique, data-driven lean manufacturing processes and operator friendly cell structures..

Consistent, guaranteed performance is our aim. That has been recognised with the ISO 9000:2015 quality-management award. We also meticulously inspect everything from our elastomer rollers to our regular deliveries of parts and materials.

MRP 230818 0043
MRP 230818 0043
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Since 2019 we manufacture under the

OECDs Sustainable Manufacturing Framework