About Us

We solve contamination problems in high-end industrial processes. Our mission and overarching goal is to help our customers achieve defect-free, resource efficient and smart manufacturing operations, using cleaning technology that solves complex contamination and process challenges in their specific application.

Hello, we are Teknek.

Teknek pioneered the idea of zero contamination in electronics manufacturing back in 1984. 

At the time printed circuit boards were everywhere, but to produce greater yields, they had to be perfectly clean. We developed a system to remove every particle of dust from PCBs, then rolled the system out to copper laminate and copper foil. The Teknek Clean Machine became the industry standard and was soon an integral part of any PCB production line.

Since then our defect removal technology has been used in a wide range of industries around the globe.

Trusted and relied upon by many of the world's leading producers, our contamination removal solutions continue to provide benefits ranging from increased yields and improved quality and performance, to reduced risk, less waste, protection against latent faults and better resource efficiency.

Teknek is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITW Inc backed by a $15bn business. We’re the world leader in contact cleaning for both reel-2-reel (web cleaning) and sheet-2-sheet (board and sheet cleaning) processes.

From our base in Glasgow, our dedicated staff serve the world around the clock. We have a global reach, operational excellence and technical advantage.