Teknek Glossary

Contact Cleaning Technology is a highly specialist discipline. A number of terms used to describe its core principles and components have other meanings elsewhere. This glossary provides Teknek definitions of terms to help navigate the subject and avoid confusion.

Glossary of Terms

Adhesive A reverse wound adhesive roll that runs in contact with the elastomer roller retaining the contamination that has been removed by the cleaning roller.
Adhesive Transfer The transfer of adhesive from Adhesive roll to Cleaning roller and then to the customer material. Such transfer can damage the process or product.
ANSI/ESD s20.20 2014 International standard for Development of an Electrostatic Discharge Control Program. Learn more at www.esda.org/standards/
Anti-Static An antistatic material is a one which helps to reduce or eliminate build-up of static electricity
Anti-Static Cleaner A term that is used by customer that do not understand how the system works. They think if you remove static then the product will be clean.
AOI Automatic Optical Inspection
AREF Adhesive Roll Eco Film
AREP Adhesive Roll Eco Paper
ARLS Adhesive Roll Low Static
CCR this is a PolymagTek term meaning Contact Cleaning roller
Chemical Transfer Sometimes referred to as 'Leaching' or 'Chemical Leaking'. In this context, it applies to chemicals or other substances that migrate from cleaning rollers or adhesive rolls. This is an important measurement process as the 'chemicals' migrate to the customer materials and can damage the process or product.
Coating / laminating Coating is the application of a liquid substance at variable thicknesses to a moving web. The methods of application can be varied.
Contact cleaning Where an elastomer roller touches the substrate that is being cleaned and transfers dry unattached particles to a reverse wound adhesive roll.
Contamination control Process to ensure product and environment is kept free from contamination.
Converting The converting industry takes continuous rolls of thin, flat materials — known as webs — threads them through processing machines (such as printing presses, laminating, coating and slitting machines) and converts or changes the web of material into an intermediate form or final product.
DCR Dust Collecting Roller
DCR pad Dust Cleaning Roller adhesive pad. Used to clean the DCR hand roller
Elastomer roller The cleaning roller that touches the substrate
FINAT Self Adhesive Federation with Regulated test standards. Learn more at www.finat.com/knowledge/test-methods
FPD Flat Panel Display. Devices to enable people to see content. Includes TV, Computers, Tablets, Smartphones etc.
FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy is a technique which is used to obtain an infrared spectrum of absorption or emission of a solid, liquid or gas. An FTIR spectrometer simultaneously collects high spectral resolution data over a wide spectral range. Used widely by Teknek.
Hand roller DCR A hand-held roller that is used to clean substrates. The contamination is then transferred to an adhesive pad.
Industry 4.0 Automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies - the internet of things.
Nanocleen™ Teknek elastomer roller. Removes Nano particles (tested using 25/45 nm silver particles)
Nip Pressure The pressure as measured at the point that 2 rollers meet. Nip Pressure is typically measured in units of N/cm2
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly
PPU Particle Pick Up. An analytical test method developed by Teknek to measure the cleaning effectiveness of rollers and adhesives. The test uses three different types of particles to assess effectives. PPU is expressed in g/m2
Reel to Reel machine Machine that processes a continuous web
Sheet cleaning Cleaning of individual sheets of materials.
Shore Hardness A measure of Hardness. Hardness may be defined as a material's resistance to permanent indentation. The durometer scale was defined by Albert Ferdinand Shore.
SMT Surface Mount Technology
SPI Solder Paste Inspection
Surface Roughness Surface roughness often shortened to roughness, is a component of surface texture.
Taber Test Taber Abraser is a precision built instrument to perform accelerated wear testing of many materials including elastomers. The process to measure wear in items like cleaning rollers is defined in the ASTM D3489 standard
Tack Tack is the property of adhesives that allows the immediate formation of a bond on contact with another surface - in other words it is a definition of the 'stickiness' of the adhesive
Web A web refers to a continuous sheet of relatively flexible material, like paper or film.
Web cleaning Cleaning a reel of material. The motion of the web drives the rollers and adhesives.
Yield A measure of good units with no rework or scrap produced by an individual process.
Yield improvement Improving the first time pass of usable product that is being manufactured. Results in a direct improvement to the product quality.
Zero Defects Zero Defects is a management tool aimed at the reduction of defects through prevention.