Other Advanced Manufacturing Industries

Advanced Manufacturing Industries

We supply many highly diverse advanced manufacturing industries outside of our core markets. If your organisation is looking to eliminate contamination from a process to maximise production capacity, ensure quality, safety and reliability then contact Teknek.

Our standard products cover most applications, if you have a new application or process, Teknek has the experience and technology to provide something specifically designed for your needs.

Examples of other applications for Teknek machines:

  • Ceramics Circuits (eliminating contamination before printing of circuits)

  • Laminated Materials (eliminating contamination during assembly process)

  • Cleaning in Web Vacuum Chambers (eliminates contamination from the surface of polymer film rolls before deposition)

  • Photovoltaic Panels (eliminating contamination during assembly process)

  • High-end leather goods (eliminating contamination before printing of proprietary designs)
Other Advanced Manufacturing Industries
Other Advanced Manufacturing Industries