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The TWC is designed for the high value web converting sector where the best cleaning system available is required. It has many industry leading innovations that allow it to process all web types in the sector, simple installation and requires very little operator intervention.

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Introducing the Teknek TWC | Web Cleaning Machines for SMT Production

TWC Web Cleaner – Best Cleaning, Best Value.

Discover why the Teknek TWC is one of the best value web cleaning machines available. With industry leading innovations including simple installation and minimal operator intervention, it's perfect for high value web converting manufacturers like multi-functional films, optical films, lithium ion batteries and electronic films. Request a demo today.

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User Friendly

The Teknek TWC is an innovative web cleaning machine that simplifies production processes. It can fit into existing frames and optimize cleaning widths, allowing you to process thin and wide webs quickly and easily. Plus, it's simple to install with single or double sided set up options and multiple mounting positions.

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TWC Web Cleaning Machines

Designed for the high value web converting sector where the best cleaning system is required, take a closer look at the the Teknek TWC.

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