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Tek-HR 2.0

The Tek-HR 2.0 is the second generation of Teknek’s innovative hand roller that uses a novel design process incorporating systems thinking. Engineered to perform and built to last its “handle for life” is now backed by an industry-first ten-year warranty.

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Designed for Performance

Many of the world’s leading producers from glass and security laminations to flexible PCBs trust Teknek to help them achieve defect-free production in their high-value processes.

With over 35 years experience of in leading the yield improvement market, we continue to set benchmarks for reliable performance in the most critical of applications and provide the best value.

Not only do Teknek products clean better; both static-safe and silicone-free cleaning are also available with the Tek-HR 2.0 range.

Tek HR 2.0 Group Square
Tek HR 2.0 Group Square
Tek Hr All Productlisting
Tek Hr All Productlisting

Designed for People (Human Centric – Ergonomics)

Hand-cleaning rollers are widely used in many industries. Few, if any, have considered operator productivity, comfort, and safety.

Tek-HR 2.0 is different. It looks and feels different. The handle is fluid and tactile. Its design makes use of extensive research on how the human hand grips. The unique shape of the handle and intelligent weight distribution helps to reduce operator fatigue and the risk of strain injury.

Designed for the Planet (Eco)

Aluminium is the primary material for the Tek-HR 2.0 handle as it provides the mechanical properties needed whilst being lightweight, and most importantly, infinitely recycled. 

Engineered to perform and built to last the handle of the Tek-HR 2.0 is backed by a ten-year warranty.

With significantly lower lifetime costs than conventional hand rollers, the Tek-HR 2.0 also helps eliminate single and low-use plastics from high-value production processes and is the world’s most sustainable choice in hand cleaning.

Tek HR 2.0 Group Square
Tek HR 2.0 Group Square
Product Brochure The world’s best and most sustainable hand cleaning tool. Designed for Performance, People and the Planet. Download