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The Tek-BC-20 and Tek-BC20C are the next generation of “Low Static” and "Low Strain" board cleaners for the SMT industry. Designed and manufactured to help leading global producers increase yields, improve quality, improve performance and reduce risk of latent faults these multi-functional machines are certified to ANSI ESD s20.20 and fully Industry 4.0 compatible.

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Low Static Cleaning for Improved Safety & Reliability

Using a "low static" cleaning system as part of a company-wide static control program not only increases yields through reduction of catastrophic ESD events but can help to reduce in-field failures caused by EOS and thus improve safety. This is especially important in high-criticality sectors including automotive and defence.

The Tek-BC-20 is the only board cleaner with third party certification to ANSI ESD s20.20.

Tek Bc Inner50
Tek Bc Inner50

Choose a Cleaning System with Precision Touch to prevent damage from strain

When it comes to contact cleaning systems, the amount of force applied and resulting strain on the materials to be cleaned is a crucial factor to consider. By using a system with  "precision touch" that makes safe contact with your boards whilst using the least amount of force possible, you prevent the risk of damage to critical components. This will provide best yields and ensure your equipment is working at its best. 


The Future of "Low Static" Board Cleaners for the SMT Industry. Our innovative products are inspired by the Teknek 2.0 philosophy and are fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards. Experience the power of M2M communication and automated board handling. Known globally for our cutting-edge cleaning technology, these ground breaking products will revolutionize your process.

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