Technical Director

Dr. Matt Benning is a seasoned leader, bringing to Teknek a rich experience of strategic and technology leadership in the fields of industrial and medical device design & manufacturing. With a track record of collaborating with high-profile companies, Matt has become a trusted expert in navigating, leading, and delivering complex, multidisciplinary product development and manufacturing projects.

MRP 230818 0051
MRP 230818 0051

Dr Matt Benning

With degrees in both Mechanical and Mechatronic engineering, along with an intimate understanding of the entire product lifecycle and a mastery of design for excellence frameworks, Matt’s expertise is matched only by his drive for sustainable design and a passion for contemporary team leadership approaches. His leadership style is marked by his modern and collaborative approach. In an ever-evolving business landscape, he recognises the value of empowerment of individuals, collaboration, accountability, and trust at the heart of achieving remarkable results. His forward-thinking mindset and commitment to Teknek’s development teams are the driving forces behind Teknek's latest and greatest product innovations.